About Haylo 3D Imaging

Haylo 3D Imaging services inc. is proudly owned and operated by Haydee A Longmore, an DMS since 1999. A mother herself, she truly understands the joy, excitement and trepidation of an expectant mother. She is able to capture the essence and beauty of what is truly important to you. With over 17 years of clinical and teaching experience, her unsurpassed care and service are testimony that obstetrics is her true passion and she is committed to ensuring her knowledge and skills continue to be the best in the field.


Our licensed technologists have many years of experience in obstetrical ultrasound. This ensures not only professional operating standards, but also optimal imaging of the baby in an efficient, timely manner, so that none of your session time is wasted. At Haylo 3D Imaging we strive to make your visit an enjoyable and relaxing one, with friendly staff in a warm and comfortable setting.

Using the GE voluson 730 pro 4D system which produces the best picture quality you can share your experience in viewing your baby stretch, yawn,smile maybe even sucking it's thumb on a 50 inch plasma TV. Words alone cannot express the jubilation this treasured experience will bring to you. Watch in amazement and gleam with happiness as your blessed miracle begins to respond to your voice and even smile.

Please keep in mind this is an elective ultrasound service for pregnant women. We do not provide medical diagnostic ultrasound therefore, we require every women to be under the care of a physician and to have had a medical diagnostic ultrasound with their physician prior to scheduling an appointment.