Our Packages


Pea in a pod (is it a boy or girl) 60.00

  • Listen to Heart Beat

  • 7 3x5 Black and white Photos in 2D/ 3D on high gloss thermal paper

  • Gender determination

  • Quick peek of your baby in 3D and 4D

  • This package can be used for a gender reveal

  • Additional Twin pregnancy 40.00

  • Return visits take 10% off of any package

  • Discounts don't apply with this package

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Quick peak 85.00

  • Listen to Heart Rate

  • 3 4x6 Color Photos in 3D on high gloss paper

  • 3 3x5 Black and white photos on thermal paper

  • 1 CD ROM with unlimited pictures in 2D/3D suitable for printing and emailing

  • 10 minutes unlimited pictures during session up tp 25 pictures suitable for reprinting and emailing

  • See your baby in 4D LIVE

  • Gender determination if desired

  • Additional Twin 40.00


excited mama 120.00 ( OUR MOST POPULAR PACKAGE)

  • 1 15" Teddy Bear (Baby's heartbeat recorded into bear) OR estimated fetal weight

  • Entire session recorded in 2D/3D and 4DLIVE

  • Unlimited photos on a CD during a 15 minute session suitable for printing and emailing

  • Gender determination if desired

  • 5 4x6 Color Photos in 3D on high gloss paper

  • 4 black and white in 2D on thermal paper

  • Get a Quick peek of your baby in HDLIVE (5Dultrasound)

  • up to 5 videos downloaded onto Cd-ROM

  • additional twin 40.00


Oh My Its a little cutie pie 150.00

  • 25 Minute Session (up to 50 pictures)

  • 7 4x6 Color Photos in 3D on high gloss paper

  • Unlimited pictures and movement clips in 4D recorded on CD suitable for emailing and printing

  • Entire Session in 4D LIVE

  • Gender determination if desired

  • Estimated fetal weight

  • 1 Haylo 3D onesie

  • 1 15" Teddy Bear (Baby's heartbeat recorded into bear)

  • Additional twin 40.00


Belly Casting

We appreciate you choosing Haylo 3D to offer you this chance to experience another from of keepsake during your pregnancy! Our goal is to transform your cast into a beautiful form of art to represent your pregnancy or even have displayed at your Baby Shower….

    During your casting all products that are used are Non-Toxic ingredients. You will receive a consultation and we will provide the art work. Our fee is $150.00 all Belly Cast sessions are done in our studio. An additional fee of $15.00 will be added if another person joins the session. All designs and decor are included in this fee. Any changes or add ons most be made two days prior to casting. We are not responsible for any changes not made done within that time frame. All belly cast must be picked up at the studio date agreed upon (NOT A DAY BEFORE) if left over 30 days from pick up date the Belly Cast will become property of Haylo 3D Imaging and will NOT BE REFUNDED. 

    The casting process takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. Please be sure to let us know the date the cast is being used if intended for a Baby Shower. If interested in wearing a bra for support you may do so, however we are not responsible if the bra is ruined because of quality of fabric. Please be informed after picking up your cast and leaving our office we are not responsible for any damages or repairs. Please keep in mind all cast are sanded by HAND and are not manufactured  they are all  SEMI-SMOOTH....THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS OR DISCOUNTS COMBINED WITH THIS PACKAGE. A 50.00 NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED TO SET UP APPOINTMENT! CANCELLATIONS AND RESCHEDULED APPOINTMENTS REQUIRE A 48 HOUR NOTICE IN ADVANCE IN ORDER TO NOT LOSE DEPOSIT. 

Belly Casting party


  • Casting Kit, casting, smoothing and all details of decor specialty cast

  • Studio rental for 2 hours

  • Twelve people maximum

  • A 3D/4D and HD LIVE ultrasound

  • 15 Minute session recorded on a DVD

  • Three color 3Dphotos 2 in 5D

  • Heart beat Teddy bear

  • You can bring Food and cake, we set up we clean up!

Gender reveal party

Private session RENT STUDIO first 2hours for 350 after session 100 per hour MAX 3hours Package includes:

  • 20 minute 3d/4d ultrasound session $40.00 additional for twins

  • (2) 3x5 black and white printed images

  • (5) 4x6 color printed images in 3D (4) 3x5 on thermal paper in black and white

  • Gender determination

  • Entire session in 4D live

  • Recording of baby's heartbeat

  • Heart Beat Teddybear

  • Ultrasound frame with photo

  • Complimentary cupcakes

  • Complimentary Haylo3d onesie

  • 10% off all returning sessions


5D ultrasound package quick peek 100.00

See your baby in 3d/4D and in HD LIVE

Unlimited pictures in 5D ultrasound up to 35 pictures downloaded on a CD suitable for reprinting or emailing

Gender determination optional can be placed in a card if momtobe is having a gender reveal

4 4x6 photos printed on HIGH GLOSS PHOTO PAPER

4 3D black and white 3x5 photos printed in 3D

Heart beat animals 25.00 ,additional 10.00 for Pink/Blue heart Beat bear with Frame

additional 40.00 for twins




See you baby in 2D 3D/4D and in HD LIVE

Unlimited pictures during a 15 Minute session up to 50 pictures


6 4 x6 color photos in 5D printed (CD is suitable for emailing and printing)

4 3x5 black and white photos in 3D printed on thermal paper

Estimated fetal weight or HEART BEAT BEAR

additional 10.00 for Pink/Blue heartbeat bear

Gender determination optional additional 40.00 for twins


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